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The April 2019 Trauma MedEd Newsletter Has Been Released!

Here’s the most recent newsletter; the topic is Potpourri. It contains a number of articles on things I find fascinating. Hopefully you will, too!

In this issue, I’ll cover:

  • Trauma and the gut microbiome
  • Complications of single-look (as opposed to damage control) laparotomy
  • Best preshospital stretcher for MCI extracation
  • The mistaken ID problem (yes, this actually happens)
  • And one of my pet peeves, bad research study acronyms

To download the current issue, just click here! Or copy this link into your browser: http://bit.ly/TME201904

The next newsletter will be released to subscribers at the end of May and I will be covering some of the new information regarding solid organ injury management of the spleen. I’ll release it to everyone via this blog in June, so subscribe now if you want it sooner! Click this link right away to sign up now and/or download back issues.

Got a suggested theme for later issues? Just let me know what you’d like to read about by emailing or leaving a comment here.

In The Next Trauma MedEd Newsletter: Potpourri

The next issue of Trauma MedEd will be sent out to subscribers at the end of the week, and will cover a whole bunch of what I call Potpourri. These are some tidbits that I find fascinating and sometimes odd.

Topics will include:

  • Trauma and the gut microbiome
  • “Single look trauma laparotomy” (as opposed to damage control laparotomy) and postop complications
  • Pneumothorax: how big is too big?
  • The best prehospital stretchers for rapid extraction in MCIs
  • and more!

I’ve pushed the solid organ injury update issue out to next month. There’s a lot of stuff to cover, and quite a few changes have occurred over the years.

As always, this month’s issue will go to all of my subscribers first. If you are not yet one of them, click this link right away to sign up now and/or download back issues.

Unfortunately, non-subscribers will have to wait until I release the issue on this blog, in mid-April. So sign up now!