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Looking for an interesting speaker for your next conference or grand rounds?

Here’s how you can book a versatile and engaging lecturer for your next educational event or keynote, in less than an hour!

Trauma education has just become a lot more difficult in this age of COVID-19. Many conferences have cancelled their in-person meetings, and some have switched to a virtual format. For this reason, I am stepping up my availability to provide telepresence presentations, either as part of a larger conference or as individual lectures or grand rounds presentations. Granted, being there virtually is not quite the same as a live presentation, but it’s a reasonably good substitute.

Here are some common questions people ask regarding engaging me as a speaker for your event.

Which telepresence platforms do you use? I routinely use Cisco WebEx, Microsoft Teams, GoTo Meeting, and Zoom. However, I am happy to install whatever package your hospital or event requires.

Will the speaker have the experience and background to convincingly educate my audience? I have been “in the business” for more than 35 years, and have had a career that is exclusively dedicated to trauma. I have traveled extensively, written about trauma for over ten years, and visited hundreds of trauma centers around the world.

The speaker may not be well-versed in the topics I have in mind. I do not dictate what talks I will give, and I do not give “canned” talks. I expect you to tell me what your audience wants to hear about. Topics that affect your providers are most important, and your presentation is tailored specifically to them. Click here to see a list of commonly requested topics.

Worried that your speaker will pitch their talk over the heads of your audience? I will ask you to provide a detailed breakdown of your audience as I begin working on your presentation. That way, I can include information applicable to every level of trauma professional in your audience.

But I have several spots to fill in my program. I enjoy giving multiple talks! I have given two or three presentations in one day, and more. I will talk until my voice gives out!

I had a last-minute cancellation! How will I get another speaker to replace them? I am frequently, but not always, available on short notice. I can put a custom talk together for your audience in less than 48 hours. Give me a call ASAP and I’ll see if I can help!

I’ve had previous speakers just fly in, talk, and fly back out without engaging with my audience. I will arrive before your conference begins, and will not fly out until after it is over. I firmly believe in mingling with your audience, answering questions, and adding value to the program you have put together. For telepresence engagements I stay logged into your entire conference so I can participate in the entire event.

My conference is in a small hospital. Speakers don’t want to come to my venue. I have spoken at venues with as few as six participants and as many as 1500! Smaller groups give me a chance to make a very personal connection with your attendees. And in the age of teleconferencing there is no need to travel!

I have a budget to consider. I’m afraid the speaker will be just too expensive. I do not have a set honorarium for my talks. I ask that you cover my travel expenses (coach air, hotel, ground transportation), and then you decide what honorarium is fair for the value I add to your event, and keeping within your budget. And in this COVID age, there are no travel expenses! If your budget so dictates, I can speak for no charge.

But my venue is located outside the United States. I welcome international opportunities. I live in a Delta Airlines hub, and can get most places in the world very easily. And in the age of the Coronavirus, speaking by telepresence is even more appealing and cost-effective!

My “Speaker Satisfaction” guarantee

I am so confident you’ll be pleased with my performance, it comes with this guarantee. If you and your audience are not completely satisfied by my performance, then you don’t have to pay an honorarium. It’s as simple as that. Merely reimburse any outstanding travel expenses, and we’ll call it even.

Contact me today to see how I can help your conference, keynote, or grand rounds.

Click here for my contact page, and email or call me directly now!

And click here for a list of commonly requested topics!

And I’m happy to provide references for conferences I have spoken at in the recent past! Just ask.

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