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March 2020 Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2
October 2019 Potpourri
May 2019 Spleen Injury Update
April 2019 Potpourri
February 2019 Fat Embolism Syndrome
January 2019 Massive Transfusion: Part 2
August 2018 Massive Transfusion: Part 1
March 2018 Hybrid OR For Trauma
August 2017 The Laws of Trauma
July 2017 Receiving Hospitals
June 2017 Referring Hospitals
March 2017 Potpourri
January  2017 Potpourri
December 2016 Prevention pdficon
November 2016 Trauma in Pregnancy pdficon
September 2016 Field Amputation pdficon
July 2016 Protocols & Guidelines pdficon
May 2016 Electronic Health Record pdficon
March 2016 REBOA pdficon
January 2016 Best of EAST Part 2 pdficon
December 2015 Best of EAST Part 1 pdficon
November 2015 History pdficon
October 2015 Repeat Imaging pdficon
August 2015 Potpourri pdficon
July 2015 Malpractice Part 2 pdficon
June 2015 Malpractice Part 1 pdficon
May 2015 Nursing & Midlevels pdficon
April 2015 ED Stuff pdficon
March 2015 The Elderly pdficon
February 2015 Tips & Tricks pdficon
January 2015 Shock pdficon
October 2014 Inside Stuff pdficon
September 2014 Chest Trauma pdficon
August 2014 Potpourri pdficon
July 2014 TBI pdficon
June 2014 Abdomen pdficon
April 2014 Prehospital pdficon
March 2014 Imaging pdficon
February 2014 Interesting Stuff pdficon
January 2014 Pediatric Trauma pdficon
 December 2013 Trauma PI pdficon
November 2013 Extremities pdficon
October 2013 Resuscitation pdficon
September 2013 Prevention pdficon
August 2013 Trauma Centers pdficon
July 2013 X-ray pdficon
June 2013 Orthopedics pdficon
May 2013 TBI pdficon
April 2013 Protocols Part 2 pdficon
March 2013 Protocols Part 1 pdficon
February 2013 Prevention pdficon
January 2013 Genitourinary pdficon
December 2012 How To pdficon
November 2012 Trauma Mythbusters pdficon
October 2012 Philosophy pdficon
September 2012 Wounds pdficon
August 2012 Prehospital pdficon
July 2012 DVT pdficon
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Subscribe now to the Trauma MedEd Newsletter and get a free copy of my guide, "How To Keep Up With Your Literature"!