What The Heck! You Make The Diagnosis

Please help figure out what is wrong here. I’m not going to give you much information, though.

This male patient was brought to the trauma center after a high-speed car crash. He was unresponsive with GCS 3. A bleeding facial laceration was present, as was vomitus in the airway.

Prehospital providers rapidly intubated the patient and inserted an orogastric tube. They rapidly packaged and transported him to the nearest trauma center.  The facial laceration was stapled for bleeding control. The airway was checked with a CO2 color change indicator and was positive. OG was hooked to suction with return of gastric contents.

This case occurred in the old days when lateral cervical spine films were initially used to evaluate the c-spine in the trauma bay. Here is the image:

What is your diagnosis? And what does the team need to do?

Please post your answer in the Disqus comment box below, or email me. You might consider Twitter (or is it X now), but it seems somewhat flaky.

Answers in my next post!

Source: personal collection. Not treated at Regions Hospital or even in Minnesota.


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