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How To Reduce A Hip Dislocation

This is the final teaser for Trauma Education: The Next Generation. It’s tomorrow, so plan on tuning in and seeing what we are up to! We’ve got some groundbreaking talks and video for you.

For more information, go to If you happen to be hanging around the upper midwest, stop by the History Center in St. Paul and check out the live show. Otherwise, tune in via LiveStream by clicking this link.

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How To Keep Up With Your Literature

This short, 12 minute video shows you how to stay current with the literature in your field of expertise. It works for everyone in any discipline, and demonstrates a 5 step system that uses current technology to minimize time and maximize your learning.

My video is accompanied by a reference guide with details on the technique, as well as recommended hardware and software. Click here to download the pdf file.

This video is a sample of the type of content that will be presented at the Trauma Education: The Next Generation (TETNG) conference on September 4 in St. Paul, MN. All content presented at the conference will also have a downloadable reference guide. 

For more information on TETNG, including live streaming and registration, click here.

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August Newsletter Released To Subscribers This Weekend!

The August Trauma MedEd Newsletter will be released to subscribers over the weekend. I’ll be covering a potpourri of topics. Articles include:

  • Don’t ignore the naughty bits!
  • Cool device: Instant hemoglobin monitor
  • Do you really need to put chest tubes to water seal?
  • What to do: Small hospital, unstable patient
  • And more!

Anyone on the subscriber list as of 8PM Saturday (CST) will receive it on Sunday,August 31. I’ll release it to everyone else next Friday via the blog. So sign up for early delivery now by clicking here!

Pick up back issues here!

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Nursing And Initial Resuscitation of the Burn Patient

Here’s another sample video from Trauma Education: The Next Generation 2013. It’s 18 minutes long and deals with nursing issues with airway, resuscitation, pain management, and dressings. Presented by Mark Johnston, one of the burn nurses at Regions Hospital.

Be sure to see this year’s live content next Thursday starting at 8:00am Central Time. Not in St. Paul? Watch it on!

If you want to see it live in St. Paul, click here to register.

Get more info by clicking here!

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