Coming Soon! The Best Of EAST 2024

The 37th Annual Assembly of the Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma is just around the corner! And, as in previous years, I will be publishing regular posts on some of the abstracts I find the most interesting. Here are some of the topics I’ve selected:

  • MAP and spinal cord injury
  • VTE in pediatric patients
  • Chest irrigation and retained hemothorax
  • Accuracy of eFAST
  • More on the 35mm rule for pneumothorax
  • Pan-scanning and missed injuries
  • King Airway vs i-Gel Airway
  • Whole blood transfusion in pediatric patients
  • Whole blood and VTE risk
  • VTE prophylaxis in patients undergoing acute neurosurgical intervention

For each abstract covered, I will present the findings and give a short critique. Finally, I will provide some questions for the authors to consider, as they very same ones could come from the audience at their presentation!

If you have any particular abstracts you would like me to cover, please list in the comments section below and I will get it on the list!

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