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An Update On The Electronic Trauma Flow Sheet

It’s been five years since I published my series on the use of the electronic trauma flow sheet (eTFS). Anyone who knows me is familiar with my skepticism about this tool. I’ve been writing about the significant problems it can create since 2008! With the progress in computing power and interfaces we have enjoyed, we would have this problem solved by now.

But alas, that is not the case. There has been little progress and at great expense and aggravation for the trauma centers. Since I last published the series, I’ve visited numerous hospitals that use the eTFS and a diminishing number that have stuck with the paper trauma flow sheet. Based on this experience, I am updating the series and will republish it here over the next several weeks.

As you read each part of the series, please take a moment to post comments or questions at the end of the piece or email them to me. I will strive to address them in my updates. And I would love to hear your opinions on how this tool is working (or not) for you. If I receive enough comments, I’ll post a summary of them at the end of the series.

I’ll kick off the series with my next post, which describes why your hospital wants you to switch to some newfangled eTFS. Enjoy, or weep, as the case may be!