In The Next Trauma MedEd Newsletter: Fatigue And Sleep Loss

The next issue of Trauma MedEd will be sent out to subscribers this week, and will provide some interesting information on fatigue and sleep loss.

Most trauma professionals have at least a little experience with this topic. You may one who provides care on call at night, or work a crazy shift system. We all end up on the short end of the sleep stick at times.

Topics will include:

  • Facts on fatigue and sleep loss
  • Impact on EMS providers
  • Impact of Nurses
  • Impact on Physicians and APPs
  • What to do about it

As always, this month’s issue will go to all of my subscribers first. If you are not yet one of them, click this link right away to sign up now and/or download back issues.

Unfortunately, non-subscribers will have to wait until I release the issue on this blog, in mid-June. So sign up now!

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