Newsletter Coming Soon: ATLS In The COVID Era

The next Trauma MedEd newsletter is coming soon! It is a continuation of my COVID and Trauma Professionals series.

COVID has turned our usual teaching model on its head. There are now limits on group size and time together, mask requirements, and disinfection requirements, to name a few. All of these serve to make providing an in-person, physical contact course very difficult.

We recently produced our first ATLS course at the Regions Hospital EMS Education offices. There were many hoops to jump through and several changes that were required. But it turned out to be a great success.

In the next Trauma MedEd Newsletter, I will share the details of how we did it. Hopefully this information will help your center successfully continue to produce this valuable and sought-after course.

Existing subscribers will receive automatically later this week.  It will be published on my trauma performance improvement website,, at the same time. All others will be able to find it on this blog next week. So subscribe now  by clicking this link right away to sign up and/or download back issues.

Tomorrow, back to the Laws of Trauma!

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