Chart Review

Where can I find someone to critically look at my charts for performance improvement or legal review?

Here’s how you can find an experienced and skilled reviewer to critically look at your medical records, instantly!

Will my reviewer have an in-depth knowledge of trauma and surgical critical care? I have been “in the business” for nearly 35 years, and have had a career that is exclusively dedicated to trauma and critical care. I have been performing chart reviews for performance improvement, and for the legal community for 25 years.

I’m worried about the cost! I charge only an hourly flat rate for reviews. PI reviews generally only take one to two hours, including the report. For legal reviews involving on-site testimony, I do not charge for anything  (other than travel expenses) but the time I spend working on the case (meetings, briefings, courtroom). There is no flat-rate daily or minimum fee.

I need a quick turn-around time. I can generally start working on your case within 24 hours, and will complete it and provide a written report promptly.

Can the reviewer participate in my PI meeting or the court case? I can easily teleconference in to most performance improvement meetings, and can always travel anywhere in the US if live testimony is needed for a court case.

Is the reviewer personable, and can he testify well in front of a live jury? I have given testimony for both criminal and civil cases, and pride myself on the rapport I create with juries. I will provide references for previous cases so you can decide for yourself.

Contact me today to see how I can help your performance improvement or legal chart review.

Click here for my contact page, and email or call me directly now!

And I’m happy to provide references for work I have completed in the recent past! Just ask.

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