The Trauma Professional’s Blog Is 8 Years Old!

Hey everyone! This blog turned 8 years old this week!

Stay tuned for some very interesting stuff this year. The Trauma MedEd newsletter will start cranking out regularly again later this month. I’m considering broadening the social media presence. There will be more stuff on YouTube. And lastly, could there be a book in the future? Stay tuned, and as always, your support and comments are welcome!


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  • RollcageMedic

    Hi Michael

    Congratulations on reaching 8 years of continuous online education. I know how challenging this can be and also how rewarding. I have followed your site since inception and regularly find material you have posted that I can use and pass on both in my regular clinical job and my involvement in motorsport medicine and rescue.

    Good luck for the coming year and whatever projects you have planned.

    Take care

    Matthew Mac Partlin